I’ve mentioned a bit about why you need an Online Business Manager (OBM) and what it might look like to work together on a project but let’s talk about ongoing work with your Online Business Manager.

Most OMB/client relationships are ongoing relationships, which means we work together for months, if not years.  We create the time, space, and intimacy to dig deep into your business.  We’ll be looking at processes, systems, methods, and ways to make your business run more smoothly.

We’ll collaborate on processes, projects, and managing the team.

Here are 3 ways you’ll have ongoing work with your Online Business Manager:

1.  Project Management

I have one role in all of this: move the project forward.

There are a lot of moving pieces for projects. I specialize in keeping everyone on track, creating reasonable deadlines, thinking through the logic of putting tasks in the right order, testing along the way, and celebrating when it’s all over.  Project management has a lot of daily operational tasks that require attention-to-detail.  

Plus, I take into account finances, ad spend, and marketing when I am the project manager.  There will be one spot for you – the business owner – to know exactly what is going on all time, even if you have multiple people working on the same project.  Yay for accountability!

Projects may include a product launch, a course launch, rebranding, or planning for a big event.

2.  Team Management

One of the biggest ways an OBM can save you time is by taking over team management.

Think about how a restaurant works: the owner is responsible for the big picture of the business and overseeing the components of the business. The manager is the one with the authority to manage the day-to-day operations of the business while holding other employees accountable. 

Rather than having to talk to every individual on your team on how their work is going and getting a new status update, the team would report to me.  I would compile all of the info you need without stressing you out with small details or little issues that can easily be solved.  This is a huge time-saver for you! 

I sit between you and your team to be the first line of defense for issues, to know when milestones are complete, and bringing only the big problems to your attention.  

3.  Process Management

Whether it’s formalized or not, every business has processes.  Each process will look different depending on automation, dates, and workflow needs.  

As an outsider, I can see a high-level view of your current process and make suggestions for efficiencies.  I can implement the efficiencies by creating workflows and automations.  This will (1) ensure nothing is missed and (2) allows processes to run without a human touch.  

Yay for saving time and money! 

Most processes are efficient because of a system that has been set up to run in the background. If you don’t have the system set up, I can do that for you. I actually love stuff like that! We’ll put the workflows into the system and do some testing. Then, it’s hands-off from there! 

Adding systems and processes will create more structure within your business as it allows you to follow plans for every situation and ensure your work is not only done, but done well.

Processes may include marketing, finances, client management, onboarding and offboarding, and content management.

These 3 different areas are important to your businesses’ success, but someone has to take the charge to run your projects, team, and process.  THAT’S ME!

As the OBM on your team, I can take these roles off of your plate to give you more white space in your calendar, which means more time off and more money in your pocket.  I manage your business’s day-to-day operations so you don’t have to.

What tasks do you wish you DID NOT have on your plate? 

Let’s get on the phone and talk through the project you can’t stop thinking about.  Sometimes it’s easier to just talk it out.  🤩

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