PICTURE IT: you’re burning the midnight oil… completing another long day of to-dos, both for your business and the household. All of your loved ones (including the furry kind) are snoozing away. You may be setting at a desk or on your couch with your computer screen glowing all that hideous blue light right back into your face. You’ve probably spent weeks or months like this while you’re building your business – and this is when you need to think about hiring an OBM. Your client list is long, and you’re feeling like you definitely could take on more if you just could get a handle on the details of this big, beautiful company you’re building.

Enter the OBM.

If you’ve spent even one night like this, you need an Online Business Manager. That may be a relatively new job title to you, but don’t worry, this kind of work has been around for over a decade. Just like a brick and mortar needs a business manager, so does an online business.

What is an Online Business Manager?

Simply put, an OBM is a person that manages the online business details of your business. They make sure things get done and are your all-in-one manager. They are the communicators between you and the team. They oversee projects. They know about every client.

An OBM is a trusted peer and has an intimate role in your business.

What kinds of tasks can I ask an OBM to complete?

OBMs are skilled in many tasks: tech stuff, project management, analytics, and team management. They bring strategy, systems, and processes to what you do so that you – the business owner – can do your job even better. The great thing about an OBM is that this is a member of your team that usually after your first couple of meetings you no longer need to provide direction for – they’re basically unicorns!

What results should I see after hiring an OBM?

This is a BIG question and really depends on where you need help in your business. Here’s the true way to see results: GROWTH IN YOUR BUSINESS. With solid systems and processes, you’re able to do more and bring in more revenue. The most common thing an OBM’s client reports is more time. That’s time for bigger picture thinking and planning. 

When should I hire an OBM?

You should hire an OBM just a little before you’re ready. Why? Because when growth is at your doorstep, you need someone who already has a handle on your business so that you grow well.

If it feels like you’re moving a million miles an hour and you seem to be doing a lot more often than strategizing for growth or bringing in new revenue, it’s time. If you’re here taking the time to read this….it’s definitely time. 

How do I know I’m choosing the right person?

You’ll have to date your OBM for a couple of months. Just like shopping for any big purchase, do your research. Look at client testimonials, and review the OBM’s blog and services offered. If you resonate with them, then trust your gut and meet them. You Need An Amber offers a quick coffee chat to get to know one another and determine if working together is the best fit. Use that time to present your business, what you do and what you want to do more of. That’s really where an OBM can serve you best. 

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