We already know the basics of what an OBM does and the way they can help your business grow.  Let’s dig further into the type of work an OBM can do for you and the results you should see from that work. This is part 2 of the beginner’s guide to hire an OBM.


Online Business Managers help you SCALE

If you’ve gotten to a place where you cannot bring in more revenue because of the restraints on your time don’t beat yourself up. This is actually good news! And, you’re in a common rut where many business owners find themselves. 

When you hire an OBM, you’ll get tools, processes, and organization to get plunge your business forward, which will save you time and help to bring in new revenue. If you’re looking for someone to come in for an extended time you’ll need an OBM for ongoing work

Online Business Managers help you OPTIMIZE

Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative – with many being able to do their thing in their sleep. If you’re looking to bring in a freelancer or a long-term team member you’re going to need that process ready to go in a teachable way so that your new person can take over tasks for you. An OBM is a systems-wiz and likely truly loves setting up processes so they’ll be able to automate tons of different tasks for you. This extra time is all for you!

Online Business Managers help you STRATEGIZE

An OBM’s success is rooted in your success so they are there to help you find new ways to bring in the money and map out your growth for years to come. The best part is, they will teach you how to do this so you’ll be able to replicate it for years to come – even when you’re making 6 figures and overseeing a much bigger team!

Online Business Managers help you FOCUS

Remember that glorious gift of time an OBM can give you? That’s what you need. You need that time to focus on the tasks only you can do. An OBM can show you exactly where your attention is most needed and how your time will give you the highest return. 

Online Business Managers help you MANAGE

This is an obvious one but it’s true – you’ll come to think of your OBM as your partner without sacrificing any of your ownership rights. They’ll help you see clearly, make quality and strategic decisions, and bring fundamentally good processes to your small business. 

You know you’re ready to make a growth jump and you know you’re going to need an extra set of hands to do it. 

Hire the expert! 

If you’re ready to scale, optimize, strategize, focus, and manage, it’s time to hire an OBM.  

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