Hey you.

I’m Amber.  

I’m your systems-loving, go-to girl to make your business run more smoothly.  


Is that even a thing? 


I’m basically a unicorn. 

(Read more about that here.)

Since I started my first blog in 2011, I have taught myself all of the skills needed to run the backend of a business.  In fact, when I was operating a coworking space for 3 years, I got to see business owners thrive in their area of expertise.  They just hated the backend stuff that was required to keep their business afloat.


That’s where I thrive.

This isn’t my first rodeo either.  I’ve been building brands and businesses for a decade now, and I love it.

I’m a firm believer in not spending our lives in remedial math.  

Whatchu mean?

Our lives (and our businesses!) are much more smoothly when we do the things we’re good at.  Are feel more alive…more creative…and like we can conquer the world.  

When we are doing things we aren’t good at – or frankly, the tasks we hate – it shows.  We are unmotivated and discouraged.

Do you really want to run your business that way?

I didn’t think so.

I can take those tasks off your hands and complete them with a smile. 


Because that’s what I’m good at.

Sounds amazing, right?  

Let’s set up a call and chat about what’s working in your business and what you’re secretly avoiding.

Here’s a super official bio I wrote because I really love writing in 3rd person.

Amber Monaco has spent her career diversifying herself.  From joining the military to working at the Department of Homeland Security to traveling the world solo, she stays busy teaching herself new skills and creating entrepreneurial ventures.  

After serving in the military and graduating from college, Amber started down a traditional path of working for the federal government, but she also taught herself about blogging, digital marketing, and online entrepreneurship in her spare time.  In 2015, she quit her job, sold everything she owned and traveled the world solo for 2 years as a digital nomad, running her businesses online.  Once back in the States, she ran a coworking space for a few years before starting You Need An Amber, a digital agency dedicated to backend operations.  

Amber’s past work includes US Navy, Department of Homeland Security, entrepreneurship, podcasting, traveling, and co-launching a fashion technology startup in London.  She is a certified life coach and an international speaker.  She has lived on 4 continents and has traveled to 40+ countries.

Amber graduated from the University of Maryland and attended The Johns Hopkins University.  She lives in Kansas City with her partner, Andrew, his two kids, one cat, two chickens, and more tomato plants to feed a small army.

IMPORTANT: As a company, and as a human, I believe Black Lives Matter; I stand for LGBTQIA+ rights; I donate to Planned Parenthood; I educate myself, invest in, am committed to, and work to bring a wider inclusive and intersectional business to the world. This includes, but is not limited to, race, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability (including physical and mental health, and neurodiversity), religion, parenthood/non-parenthood, and those with caring responsibilities.