Usually, when you think about working with an Online Business Manager, you think about a long-term relationship, diving deep into the intimate details about your business, or turning over day-to-day operations so that you (the business owner) can focus on other tasks.  But working together on a project looks different than a traditional OBM relationship. 

A time-bound project means our collaboration will last for the lifespan of a project. This working relationship allows for the flexibility you want in your business and for me to do what I am best at when you need me.  

The OBM still brings her project management and leadership skills to the table, but for a project, we would work together for a specific period of time.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

What does it look like to be working together on a project?

First, working together looks like creating goals. This makes sure our focus is set and gives us tangible things to measure at the end.  This helps you to know that you’re getting amazing value out of our relationship and helps me know the most important parts to give my attention. We’ll identify deliverables and create a realistic plan to make them a reality.

Then, we create a cadence of checking-in.  While micromanaging isn’t necessary, having communication consistency is important.  

Next, we get to work! It takes time for projects to come together so getting started sooner is best. But, with our established communication cadence, we’ll be talking all the time.

Potential projects we can work on together

Outbound Marketing 

  • Creating content calendars
  • Implementing a system for posting content across platforms
  • Hiring specialists (graphic designers, copywriters, or video editor) for certain aspects
  • Managing the moving pieces of this project and hired contractors

Product Launch

  • Creating a launch calendar
  • Identifying financial goals (ad spend, total profit, and cost of doing business)
  • Creating marketing calendar
  • Naming deliverables
  • Setting up systems to house deliverables, accepting payment
  • Building an SOP for the next launch to make future launches smoother
  • Hiring specialists (graphic designers, copywriters, or video editor) for certain aspects
  • Managing the moving pieces of this project and hired contractors

These are only just a few tasks that need to be completed for these example projects, but I hope this gives you a good idea of the moving pieces that need to be decided upon and managed.  

I am here to make your life easier. I attack projects like these from an analytical and process-oriented mindset. I manage timelines like a pro.  I make sure we under-promise and over-deliver for your clients to give them an amazing experience.  Plus, my over-preparedness nature makes sure we minimize what can go wrong.

Let’s work together

What kind of time-bound project would you want to work on together?  

  • Launching a new service or product
  • Creating your mission, values, and vision statements
  • Mapping out a content calendar
  • Building SOPs around your current processes
  • Run an affiliate program for your launch

As you can see, business projects never end, which means there’s always something we can be doing. 

What’s most important for your business right now?

Let’s get on the phone and talk through the project you can’t stop thinking about.  Sometimes it’s easier to just talk it out.  🤩

Click here to schedule a time together.