NOTE: This is a guest blog post written by Alivia Brewer.

This summer, I reached out to Amber and was offered the position of Media Manager Intern. As Media Manager Intern at You Need An Amber, I was able to work and create different types of content for Amber and her clients. I was able to explore many different types of small businesses and learn how they reached their audience in ways that appealed to their brand. My internship was three months long, from May to July. This time allowed me to focus on this internship while providing me with the time and flexibility to do other things.

Amber and I had worked together during my junior year of high school, and we have kept in touch through my freshman year of college. Despite majoring in Finance, Amber was able to help me focus on goals and tasks that were not only applicable to the things I have learned but also showed me a broader sense of how small businesses work.

How we worked together

My internship was mostly remote, with a weekly in-person meeting where we could catch up and define the goals of the week. I worked 10 hours per week and was given a weekly checklist of tasks in a task management system that was managed based on priority and interest. One of the things I was responsible for included turning transcripts of podcasts and videos, focused on conversations with major business leaders, into blog posts. It was amazing to listen and read these conversations and learn so much knowledge from all of the guest speakers. 

What I learned as an intern at You Need An Amber

Working with Amber has shown me so many different sides of what it means to own and operate a small business. Her guidance kept me on track and accountable for what I was working on throughout the internship and even further showed her expertise as an Online Business Manager.

I have learned much throughout my time as an intern at You Need an Amber, and it is this knowledge that has helped me prepare for a future career with endless opportunities. While this experience has been very different from the focus of my major, it has really opened my eyes to the amount of hard work and dedication put into owning a small business. 

I was able to see this, not only through the work Amber’s clients do but also through Amber herself as an intern at You Need An Amber. I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience to work alongside Amber and be able to learn from her experiences to now create my own.

If you’re interested in being an intern at You Need An Amber, send Amber an email at hello[at]youneedamber[dot]com.