There’s an old saying that circulates around the entrepreneurial community that says something like, “You need to work ON your business, vs. IN your business.”

on your business vs. in your business

But let’s be honest…doesn’t anyone even know what that means?

We all nod our heads in unison pretending to get what the “guru” says, but most of the time, people have no idea how to put this advice into action.

I’m going to break down exactly what it means to work *on* your business vs. in your business. Think of working IN your business as INcome producing.  This might look like doing your client work, racking up billable hours, or selling products that bring money into your business. 

Working ON your business is about the OUTcome of your business. Outcome is high-level thinking, strategizing, goal planning, and looking ahead. 

In your business = Income

On your business = Outcome

You might be asking yourself, “if I’m not doing client work, what the heck am I even doing?”

Fair question. 

Here are a few ways to work ON your business:

  • Track your data (analytics, success rates)
  • Make updates (website, update the mileage spreadsheet)
  • Publish a blog post
  • Develop a new product or service
  • Strategize ways to reach a new goal

There can be resistance to scheduling out the time to work ON your business because it’s natural to want to do income-producing tasks or to complete a project for a client.  And, I get it.  BUT, scheduling the time in to do the work for your actual business is equally as important as doing client work.

Do you wish you had guaranteed time to work ON your business? You’re in luck!

I’m hosting a CEO Day ⚡️LIVE⚡️ in Kansas City on Friday, August 26 from 1pm-4pm.

A CEO Day is a special afternoon for you, as the CEO, to take some time to work on your business. You could do this alone, but I have created a worksheet and structure around the day so you leave feeling accomplished.  Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other people who are working to make their business better too.  Hello, inspiration!

Be sure to sign up for CEO Day at Firebrand Collective on Friday, August 26.