Imagine accomplishing 4 weeks worth of work in ONE AFTERNOON.

Imagine getting your systems set up (and tested!) in ONE AFTERNOON.

Imagine creating a strategic plan for your business in ONE AFTERNOON.

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Welcome to VIP Day!

A VIP Day is a day completely dedicated to YOU.  

It’s a day that you (and I) completely focus on what your business needs.

Why do you need a VIP Day?

Every business needs dedicated processes for their services. But it takes time, thoughtful strategy, and attention to detail to set up these processes that (1) work for your brain, (2) match your current workflow, (3) run your business smoothly and efficiently.  

That’s where I come in.

I have an outside perspective that can spot redundancies.

I have an eye for detail that catches small details.

I have an objective point of view.

Working together, we can eliminate the feeling of overwhelm and chaos that often comes with feeling disorganized.  

What does a VIP Day look like?

For 5 hours, I’ll be completely focused on you and your business. We’ll work together to create systems and processes to make your business run more smoothly.  Dedicating all of our time to one area of your business will make sure that everything is set up right the first time.  

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Here’s a rough structure of what you can expect:

1.  90-minute initial meeting

Before we start our VIP Day, we need to do some pre-work. To start, we’ll have an initial meeting so that I can get familiar with your business and the areas that need systematized.  Then, we’ll discuss what we’ll accomplish on our VIP Day.  We may talk through your current process to spot redundancies and areas to be more efficient.  We’ll also discuss your quarterly and yearly goals to make sure our day together is in alignment with the future of your business.

2.  Homework

When you leave our 90-minute initial meeting, you’ll have homework.  Homework may include gathering (or writing) emails, gathering your contact list, or listing out specific tasks for various projects and processes.

This homework is important because it’s going to make our VIP Day go much more smoothly.  Once you have gathered all of the components for the VIP Day, I’ll be able to run with them.  

Homework will be uploaded to a shared folder, like Google Drive or Dropbox.  

3.  The VIP Day

On the day of, you and I will stay in constant communication.  I’ll do frequent check-ins with you to give you updates on my progress and to answer questions.  

No, we’re not going to be on Zoom for 5 hours straight.  That would be exhausting.  But, I am going to stay in touch A LOT during those 5 hours together.  

Yes, you can work on other things, but please don’t schedule another meeting during that time.  I need you to be available at any time to talk.  I’ll be completely focused on your project and having you available to answer questions will make the project move more smoothly.

4.  Testing Everything

At the very end of our VIP Day, we’ll test.  We may create fake users in your system to walk them through the process.  We may have tutorials so that you know how to use the system.  We may create and complete tasks so you know what to expect.  

Testing is hugely important and will be a necessary part of the day.  When it comes time to test it all out, you’ll get to see all of the progress I’ve made.  

This is the time to perfect the process and to make sure everything flows logically in your mind.

5.  Two weeks of added support

Our VIP Day together will come to an end (#sad), but that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning you.  I will be there for 2 weeks of support and help with any hiccups in the process.  During this time, we can work together to alter anything to make it more efficient for your business, your process, and your brain.  

What we can get accomplish during a VIP Day:

  • Set up your CRM and task management system
  • Create a content calendar
  • Establish an onboard and offboard system for clients
  • Create workflows
  • Build out a launch plan
  • Create business foundations (mission, values, visions, and ideal client avatar)
  • Something else?  Let’s talk about it!

Imagine what we could accomplish during our VIP Day!

Click here to schedule some time to talk and to plan out the VIP Day.