Have you heard about time confetti yet? Time confetti is a new concept that is changing the way I look at being productive and using small bits of time to recharge my brain and my attitude.

What to know about time confetti:

Time confetti is making the most out of those little bits of time that can often feel wasted. But it doesn’t have to be wasted. You can be productive in ways that don’t drain your energy or falling trap to endless scrolling on your phone.

You have 6 minutes before your next meeting – what do you do?

The doctor can’t see you for 15 more minutes – what do you do?

A friend is in traffic and won’t be the restaurant for 30 minutes – what do you do?

These little blocks of time should not be forgotten. It’s easy to get to the end of your week and feel like you didn’t do anything, but when you look back, you see bits of time that were wasted. It doesn’t have to be like this!

The solution to time confetti

I created a FREE worksheet to download that will give you 40 ideas of what to do with your time confetti. You can use your little bits of time well, and I have all the ideas for you.

Download the worksheet here.