Businesses have LOTS of systems, but there are 3 key systems your business needs. These need to be perfected too, because these 3 systems maintain your boundaries, bring in new sales, and onboard new clients.

These are the 3 systems your business needs:

1. Calendar System

A calendar system is YOUR internal system to keep track of appointments, meetings, and the time when you’re DOING the work. Yes…d-o the work. This is the first system to establish because we need to make sure your business has boundaries and to make sure there’s actual time to do the work you promised you would do.

2. Sales System

A sales system is the process of getting a new client. This might be the top of your funnel or the “to-the-left” of your customer journey. Having a process of how your nurture a potential client could make or break if a client chooses to work with you. A sales system also allows you to know where gaps are and why clients may be choosing NOT to work with you.

3. Onboarding System

An onboarding system brings on new clients with love, support, and consideration. I have created an entire course on onboarding to walk you through every step of what an onboarding system truly looks like.