I truly believe that we need multiple streams of income, but as a service provider, what does that actually look like?

Service providers are the worker bees. We love a to-do list and wrapping things up in a pretty bow. It’s easy to be heads-down and focus on the task right in front of us rather than think about alternate forms of income.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make extra money, outside of retainer work.

These are the 6 ways I earn money outside of retainer work:

1. Affiliate links

Affiliate links are custom URLs where you promote another person’s product. This could be something big – like Amazon – or something smaller, like referring someone else to another business owner’s work.

2. and 3. Courses and Digital Products

Creating a course or digital product involves you creating the THING (worksheet, video, downloadable). Then, you sell it online over and over.

This is the platform I use for my courses and digital products. My favorite course platform is called Teachery (aff link). I love the owners behind it and how easy it is to use the platform.

4. Coaching

Yes, the coaching world has a bit of a bad reputation, but people want to learn from you. They want the recipe for the success story. If you can give someone else this path, sell yourself as a coach and teach others your secrets. Remember – there’s no such thing as competition.

5. VIP Day

As a consumer, VIP Days are the best. A VIP Day is a one-day, 1:1 session with a service provider where you do a TON of work all in one day. You get so much done all at once and you get the 1:1 attention that you really need.

I have VIP Days. Want to check them out? Click here.

6. Merch

Creating merch is not something I’ve done, but if you’re a graphic designer or someone who is visual, you can create products around what you’ve created. Ideas: mouse pads, fonts, t-shirts, water bottles.

Which form of income do you want to learn more about? Leave me a comment and tell me what intrigues you the most.

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