Today I want to talk about a phrase that I hear clients say all the time. “Well, everything lives in my head.” 

Have you ever said that?

Be honest.

This is a phrase I hear so often before I start working with clients. Having everything live in your head can be really difficult. Not only will it lead to burnout, but it’s also difficult to train people, communicate with your team, and make changes to the process.

These questions are often brought up when I ask, 

  • “Do you have that process documented?” 
  • “Where can I find that?” 
  • “How would someone know what’s the next step?” 
  • “If you were going to train someone, where would they go to find that information on their own?” 

And that phrase keeps coming back up over and over.

Everything lives in my head.” 

In translation, “Well, I know what to do next and that is what is important.”

Sure, YOU know what to do. But does your team? Does your client?

This is the first step to burnout.

Let me tell you, friend. If you are someone who thinks everything lives in your head, you are on the verge of burnout. You are probably living in a state of overwhelm, where you don’t even know what to do next because you are juggling all of the things going around in your head and it feels chaotic and heavy. And I want to help combat that today. 

Burnout is something very real. It is real in the mental health world. And something real in the entrepreneurial world as well. I myself have struggled with burnout, and I do not want this to happen to you. 

What to do next…

If everything lives in your head, you probably feel like you don’t know what to do next in your business. Take this very simple 9-question quiz to determine if you are on the verge of burnout. Because there is so much happening and you don’t even know what to do next because everything feels so important, everything is jostling around and you don’t know what is happening.