Every business owner needs a CEO Day.  It’s a commitment to work on your business and time to stay in alignment with your mission, vision, values, and goals.   

One day – even just part of a day – focused on your business makes sure you are staying on top of the tasks it takes to run a successful business.  

A CEO Day is used for three things: tracking, planning, updating, and creating. 

You’ll track metrics, tasks, workload, finances, and analytics. 

You’ll plan for upcoming launches, new products, and marketing campaigns.

You’ll update your website, prices, processes, and spreadsheets.

You’ll create blog posts, new goals, and new ideas.

Here are the 4 ways to implement a CEO Day:

1.  Dedicated a few hours to your CEO Day

I usually do the last Friday of the quarter, but you can do whatever you want:

  • the first Monday of the quarter
  • the last Friday of the month
  • random 8th Tuesday
  • the day quarterly taxes are due

Set aside a few hours to focus on your business. I block off 1pm-4pm on the calendar.  No one can make an appointment with me, and my phone is on silent.

Pro Tip: Mark the time on your calendar RIGHT NOW. Invite your business friends to join you – coworking in this way will make everyone more productive.

2. Track your accomplishments

On the CEO Day worksheet, I have (almost) 50 ideas of the ways you can spend your time during CEO Day.  They are broken up into the 8 areas of your business so you can focus on one area at a time, like finances or client experience.  

Click here to get the CEO Day worksheet

Some of the tasks will just take a few minutes and some will take much longer.  Jot down the tasks you complete on CEO Day – you’ll love seeing the progress.

3.  No client work allowed

This means no email, Slack, Voxer, or texting!!!  If you’re focusing on your business, you can’t be doing client work.  

This. Is. OK!

Client work has its place, and you’ll get the job done, but it’s important to focus on your business too.  If you have set up your schedule well, you can spend CEO Day guilt-free.

4.  Get comfortable

You’re going to be in the same place for a few hours to focus on your CEO Day, so get comfy.  Fill up that water bottle and grab a snack. Keep your charger handy and put on some music. Set the stage for a productive afternoon.

Implementing a CEO Day will change the course of your business.  As the business owner, you’ll be more dedicated to your values and your goals.  You’ll know exactly where your business stands in regards to your metrics.  You’ll have a clear path to move forward with the next few months of your business.  

And trust me, you’ll be ready for the next CEO Day!

Click here to get the CEO Day worksheet