I have a somewhat controversial opinion to talk about: Is 6 figures the real goal? In the online space, there’s a lot of talk about reaching the $100K mark, and if you aren’t making this kind of money, your business isn’t “there” yet.

I disagree.

Is “6 Figures” The Goal?

In the online space, sometimes it feels like all people talk about it hitting 6 figures.

— A coach promises you 6 figures after completing their program.

— Bragging about 6 figure launches.

For me, 6 figures is not the goal. My goal is to have enough.

…enough to pay my bills

…enough to put money in savings

…enough to go on vacation a few time a year

…enough so I don’t feel like I’m being taken advantage of

My true goal is time freedom, not money. I want the space and time to spend my days how I want and to work in a way that feels good. I want to work with clients who align with my values, instead of taking on any work just to have it. I want time to be creative. I want opportunities to experiment.

For me, it’s not just about money. It’s about the experience of owning the business and having the life I want.

How do you feel about the 6 figure conversation?