I’m going to do an experiment that’s a bit crazy – 31 days of YouTube.

I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel for a while now, and I put it on my 2022 goal list. But I want to do something BIG, so here’s what I’m thinking:

What if I post a video every day on my YouTube channel in the month of May?

I know. It’s crazy…so crazy that when I’ve mentioned this to some friends like do you think I should do this is it gonna be a ton of work? They’re like, “Yes, this is crazy.”

You can expect a few things from this 31 days of YouTube challenge:

  1. errors
  2. imperfection
  3. not knowing how to use technology, like the RingLight that I just can’t figure out

You can expect me to be real, and you can expect me to show up. And that is what I hope that you will do.

So please hit subscribe to my channel and show up every day with me in the month of May for some fun content that will help you stay excited about your business get organized, and eventually, you know, your money. It’s just what we’re all here to do. So thank you so much for showing up. Thank you for watching my first video and I will see you tomorrow.