Essential Tools for Your Business

These tools will help you continue to develop your revenue streams while saving you time. You’ll be able to build on your reputation for great services and products by automating many of your everyday tasks and grow your customer base with engaging and actionable content.  

I know how much time is wasted trying to keep track of dozens of spreadsheets, stacks of sticky notes, and the back-and-forth emails.  It’s a time suck.  And it’s completely unnecessary.  Tools are one of the fastest ways to add some efficiencies to your business.  


Because tools do the work for you.

I’ve compiled a list of the MUST HAVE tools for any small business.  These tools will transform how you do the brilliant things that you do and give you back some of your time.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission when you use one of these links to purchase the product I suggested.  There’s no extra charge to you either!  YAY.  You Need An Amber only recommends products that we have used in our business that have provided real value. 



1. Planoly – Schedule social media!

Schedule, plan, auto-post, analyze & manage comments on your Instagram & Pinterest accounts with Planoly. Plus, you can curate your feed to create that beautiful and cohesive scroll.


What I love most: Automatic posting.  I just schedule once and forget about social for the rest of the month!


2. ConvertKit – Email Marketing

ConvertKit is my favorite tool to grow your audience and to communicate with your people.  Plus, your email list is one of the only things you actually own in your business. 


What I love most: ConvertKit has a 98% delivery rate. No one will miss your email again.


3. Freshbooks – Keep track of your money! 

Freshbooks is great because it keeps all of your financials in one place, which makes life wayyyy easier.

What I love most: I feel like a total badass when I see the analytics and reporting to determine how much money I actually earned this year.

4. Gusto – Pay your people…and pay them well!  

Gusto is the most user-friendly payroll tool I’ve ever seen.  You can do payroll, time tracking, onboarding, and employee benefits from this one system. 

What I love most: Certified HR Experts available all day. Seriously – they can help you solve anything while adhering to your city and state’s specific laws.



6. 17Hats – An all-in-one CRM!  

I use this tool every day, and I have since 2014.  #FoundingMember  This is where I keep track of clients, leads, projects, time tracking, and invoicing.  

What I love most: This ONE system handles the majority of the backend of my business. Can’t beat that!


7. Canva – Make pretty graphics! 

Canva is the easiest way to design social posts, website graphics, business cards, and company stationery.  There are hundreds of templates, so you’re never starting from scratch, and they give you all of the dimensions so you never have to guess.

What I love most: I can upload my logo and brand colors into my profile so everything I create is on-brand.


8. Erin Condren – Pretty paper! 

Erin Condren’s products are freaking gorgeous.  You can choose planners, notebooks, stationery, or office supplies.  And, you can customize the cover with your name or business name. So profresh!

What I love most: I use the dot-grid notebooks as my notebook of choice.  It’s the thick paper that sold me.

9. Asana – Intuitive Task Management

Asana is one of those wonderful, do-it-all, and made-for-everyone tools. The simple hierarchy allows for multiple views and task breakdowns.


What I love most: Being able to see all projects and their status at once!


Any one of these tools will change the way you and your team works. I suggest them to everyone I work with as an easy way to stay organized, connected, and on track. Plus, I’m a big fan of all things cute and each of these products and services meets that designy need. 


Make a commitment to yourself to try one of these tools or books in your business.