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Heyyyyyy, I’m Amber.

I’ve been in the online space for over 10 years.  I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of business owners at various stages of growth.

From what I’ve seen, most programs are made for those just starting out or those making millions.

What about YOU? The person in the middle!

One thing I know for sure is that businesses can’t be successful without systems.

As a Certified Director of Operations, I understand systems, processes, and project management.

What I’m passionate about:

  • only working 30 hours/week
  • feeling calm, knowing everything will get done
  • time-freedom
  • homesteading
  • scuba diving

I turn the messy into the methodical, so you have a business that feels deliberately calm.

👋🏽  Everything lives in my head (processes, task list)

👋🏻  I don’t feel organized.

👋  I’m overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.

👋🏿  My calendar is too full. I can’t breathe.

👋🏾  Conversations happen in too many places. 


🎉 At ease with your workload

🎉 Fulfilled by the work you do

🎉Confident in knowing what to do next



Empowered Operations is a LIVE, 5-month, group program that starts on Tuesday, January 30.

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It’s time for a group program that gives you REAL, TANGIBLE results in your business.

Results like:

⭐️ a calendar systems that gives you free time

⭐️ a non-sleezy way to get clients

⭐️ a simple client communication process

⭐️ a product/services menu you LOVE 

⭐️ documented processes to train anyone

It’s FINALLY time to say NO to:

👎🏾 a heavy mental load 

👎🏼 hustling for every dollar 

👎🏿operating from a place of scarcity

👎 making decisions with emotions instead of facts

And say YES to:

👍🏾 more sanity

👍🏼 more success

👍🏻 more freedom

👍🏿 and a business that feels DELIBERATELY CALM

Are you ready for Empowered Operations?

Here’s how you know…

✔️  Have proven methods of income + client list

✔️  Have your ideal client locked in

✔️  Are ready to implement change

✔️  Are NOT afraid of technology

✔️  Want support from an expert for 5-months

✔️  With the added bonus of a community of business owners who are creating DELIBERATELY calm businesses right beside you

✔️  And are BEYOND ready to implement powerful systems that can shift everything when it comes to your business feeling sane + having a clear path for success all while having MORE FREE TIME in your day!



When will we meet?

✔️ Empowered Operations STARTS Tuesday, January 30

✔️ We’ll meet every other week on Tuesdays, at 1pm Central (Chicago Time) on Zoom for ample time to implement and get things done between calls

✔️ PLUS, you’ll have unlimited Voxer Access during our 5 months together (messages are facilitated between my regular hours of operation 10am-4pm CST, Monday -Thursday) 


Empowered Operations starts on Tuesday, January 30; we’ll implement 7 key business systems for more sanity, more success, more systems, and more free time in your days.

(Yes, please!)

You’ll get immediate access to detailed videos 

PLUS “mini-quests” along the way that help you to build out each key system SUSTAINABLY!


What is a mini-quest?  

A mini-quest is a series of short action steps that take an idea of a system to all the way DONE!

After all, we’re not just going to talk about how to create a more sane business – we’re going to spend our time making it your reality!   


✔️  detail your mission, vision, and values

✔️  declare your personal and business boundaries


MINI QUESTS: quests that give you time and space to revisit your mission, vision, values + boundaries

✔️ use technology to streamline meeting times

✔️ change default settings to actually work for your.           life

✔️ establish a meeting day


MINI QUESTS –  simple quests, like updating calendar settings and using technology to start seeing more white space in your calendar instead of back-to-back meetings.


✔️ utilize the Do-Delegate-Delete-Docket strategy

✔️ work ONLY the right number of hours to do work.           well



MINI QUESTS –  easy-to-implement quests that will make your to-do list shorter AND feel more accomplished, like using Amber’s do, delegate, delete, docket method

✔️ audit current product / offer menu

✔️ streamlining services so you only do work you love 



MINI QUESTS – quests that focus in on a products/services menu that works for your and your skillset instead of doing all the things. 

✔️ data-driven methods to find your clients

✔️ visibility techniques to find NEW clients



MINI QUESTS – comfort-zone challenging quests asking important, data-driven questions, like…how actually finding clients you love?

✔️ use the Lazy Genius method to “decide once”

✔️ communication methods that work for YOU



MINI QUESTS – use these simple quests to communicate with clients (and potential clients) about how communication happens, like choosing ONE communication platform

✔️ learn Amber’s EMPOWERed method of systems

✔️ implementing technology for easy systems



MINI QUESTS – very doable quests to add systems to your business using Amber’s EMPOWERed Method™.

 ✔️ using technology to create the perfect process              (for you)

✔️ organized storage of processes and procedures



MINI QUESTS – creative quests allow you to play with creating processes so they work for you, your team, and your business, plus the opportunity to actually document what you do

Look 'Ma! People like me!

Amber is so easy to work with! She took my disorganized to-do list and idea lists and turned them into an actionable plan for my business. She is excellent at what she does and I highly recommend her.

Meredith Marsh

YouTuber, VidProMom

Amber helped me streamline and simplify my studio shipping process into an easy-to-follow system (in a binder!) so I could hire someone to help and easily train them. It has been a revelation, especially during my busy holiday season. Thank you Amber, take all my money. 😁

Megh Knappenberger

Artist, MeghMakesArt

Amber addresses the business and the person behind the business for a complete approach. Within two months, I felt equipped with the knowledge and baseline to keep things moving. I genuinely look at my processes and think “I’m really glad I have an Amber!”
Maegan Kabel

Photographer, Gumball Revue

At the end of Empowered Operations, you'll have:

✔️ a calendar with more white space than appointments

✔️  established systems that run on autopilot

✔️  a to-do list that saves your time and energy

✔️  documented processes anyone on the team can use

✔️  proven methods to attract your dream client

✔️  a products / offers menu that serves you and your P&L statement

✔️  CONFIDENCE knowing you’re running your business…not the other way around

✔️ Not to mention the expert support of a Director of Operations (for a fraction of the cost) as we build customized systems that support YOU and your personal definition of success!

You in? See you on January 30!